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inked in glitter | sparkle with an edge

Hi! I'm Sam and welcome to my blog!  Inked in Glitter is a lifestyle blog about expressing all sides of your personality, even if you don't think they mesh.  It is a place where tattoos and sequins live in harmony where leather and lace meet for brunch.  It's about living the life that is true to you each and every day. 

A few things about me:
  • I work in special education
  • I love shiny things
  • I love to read and learn
  • I have a shopping addiction, mostly to J.Crew, where I worked at all through graduate school
  • I have a pug named Murphy and he is my best buddy (see below)
  • Murphy does not like costumes, clothing, or hats of any kind, though sometimes I try to make him love them
  • If I didn't work in a school setting, I'd probably be covered in tattoos

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