Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Older I Get, the Less Cool I Feel

Image via Pinterest

So I somehow got sucked into going through all of my Facebook photos... and I mean ALL of them... and now I'm left with this feeling of disappointment.  Those 438 photos have become a reminder of how cool I used to be.

There was a time in my life when I didn't care what anyone thought, where I went out all the time, and where I enjoyed being around people all the time.  These days my life is much different and I'm struggling with this as I inch closer and closer to 30.

Is this what happens when you become an "adult," move out, start a career (not a job), and have real life bills?  Jesus I hope not.

My late 20s have become this weird limbo where I yearn for marriage, a house, and a child on the one hand, and nostalgically remember the times where I was the sassy, tattooed, butt smoking, listens to metal chick.

I feel like we can lose ourselves very easily if we're not paying attention and that just may have happened to me.  I've been so busy with work, moving, and trying to plan for the future, that I forgot the parts of who I used to be that I liked.  So thank you, Facebook, for that kick in the ass.  I promise to be cooler before it's too late.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Back! And 2014 To Do

2014 Desk Calendar via Sugar Paper

Oh hey friends... so it's been a little while since I've posted, but for good reasons.  I moved, celebrated the holidays, and was very busy at school before winter break.  Now after a solid two weeks off (thanks to two snow days just in time for our return today), some time to unpack and decorate, and a chance to enjoy Christmas, I felt like I could finally devote my time to this little old blog.  I have lots of ideas for posts coming up so stay tuned for new content... in the meantime I suppose we should deal with this whole "New Year" thing.

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... on the one hand I'm a huge fan getting dressed up, being fancy, and making resolutions and lists, but on the other, I hate the excuse for people to get drunk and sloppy, the let down of lofty plans, and the standard "I'm going to loose weight this year," resolutions.  Quite frankly, I would have been quite content with sitting in on NYE watching Miley Cyrus twerk it on the countdown, drinking a little bubbly, and hanging out with some close friends (maybe there are party hats involved... if you're in to that sort of thing).  My night didn't exactly turn out that way (a compromise with my better half who loves to go out and socialize in large groups), but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  

New Year's Day obviously had me thinking about resolutions (thank you everyone for your FB posts about what your resolution is this year and your 2013 recaps).  Now I'm not one to throw stones... each year I vow something to the effect of : quit smoking / loose weight / eat healthier / brush and floss my teeth everyday.  Not this year though.  While I certainly plan to do a little detoxing from all the sugar I've been eating, get back into my yoga practice, and cut back on smoking, this year I want to do something different for my 2014 resolutions.  And by different, I mean not make any resolutions at all.  Now before you get all "Mer?" on me let me explain.

Instead of resolutions I'm making a To Do list for 2014.   I'm much better with lists and find that they help me narrow down tasks... and I'm a super lame and love checking things off the list when they're done.  So without further adieu my tentative 2014 To Do List (subject to additions and subtractions as necessary).
  • Bake one item
  • Complete a DIY project
  • Meditate everyday
  • Complete one painting
  • Eat dinner at the Top of the Hub
  • Take a horse and carriage ride through Boston
  • Go on a Duck Tour
  • Grow an indoor herb garden 
  • Host one party 
  • Brush my teeth and floss before bed
  • Buy fresh flowers once a week
  • Make a garland for my office

Check out my Instagram account @samantha_gabriellee and #2014ToDo for updates on my progress!

Talk to you soon,