Friday, November 22, 2013

Making A Difference

Do you ever have days at work where everything goes wrong and you wonder if what you're doing matters?  Or maybe that you feel like you have no idea what even your doing?  Yeah... today was one of those days for me until about 1:00.  I was getting ready for the end of the day and taking care of the things I needed to work on this weekend when one of my players stopped by (I should mention that I coach lacrosse in the spring).  She handed me a lollipop as a token of her appreciation for me and very quickly explained that it was because of a speaker she had seen recently... long story short, her message to me was that I deserved a lollipop because I was more than just a coach to her and I had made a difference in her life.  She thanked me for being there for her and I thanked her for making my day (while I held back tears).   

I promise you this post isn't to brag about how awesome I am (but lets be honest... I'm kind of a big deal), but it is a reminder to me and for you all how thanking someone for the impact they've had in your life can make a difference in their lives like they have in yours.  And I can't think of a more appropriate time to do this than during Thanksgiving.  My player reminded me of this important lesson.  So here's my PSA for the holidays:  Thank someone... anyone... who you appreciate in your life.  It doesn't have to be in person- a simple email, text, or note will do, but just do it.  I'll get off my soapbox now :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Coffee and Thoreau

Oy!  I can't tell you how many times in the past month I've used the word "busy" to answer the question of, "How are you?"  For some reason the field of education always seems to be hectic in the fall and all it feels like all I've been doing lately is writing reports and running meetings.  Throw in some apartment hunting with the boy, and my schedule has been jam-packed.  The problem is, as much as I've also been feeling accomplished for getting so much done in so little time, I don't feel like I've been tending to myself as much as I would like.   Sometimes we all need a little reminder to stop and take time for ourselves in order to maintain sanity (and this has a tendency to be even harder as the holidays approach).  So, with this post I am recommitting myself to myself.  It's time to make time and not to be busy without a purpose.  Here are a few things I plan on implementing starting now in order to take care of me :

  • Meditate every day, even if it's for only 5 minutes.
  • Keep a gratitude journal every day.
  • Food prep for the week so I'm not wandering around the grocery store aimlessly and buying things I don't need (or saying fuck it and buying frozen meals/eating take out).
  • GO TO YOGA.  For the love of God I need some yoga in my life.  My body is so stiff and sore these days and I always feel better when I'm exercising.
  • Cut back on the coffee...unless it's a Starbucks treat on the weekends.
I'd say it's a good start for now.  How do you take care of yourself?  Leave your comments below!

Oooo! And here are some great Sunday Morning Coffee readings/videos I just had to share :)  Enjoy.

  • This high school senior kills his position on the Common Core in this video and I couldn't agree more.  We should all hope that our students turn out to be this eloquent, smart, and funny, and have the ability to question what they are told. 
  • While we're on the topic of the self, here's an article from MindBodyGreen Online that talks about ways to get happy now.
  • Special thanks to my friend Michaela over at Keep Calm & Mommy On for clueing me in to this awesome new Alice and Olivia mug from Starbucks. It is officially in my possession and I can't wait to show it off.
  • Speaking of mugs, I'm off to Anthroplogie next for these white and gold beauties.  We all know how I feel about this color combination.  Everything looks better in gold!